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Tyler Gunther
Dec 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Our group spent our time exploring the Capital City of Kord. We spent our time saying Farwell to one of our group. Unfortunately his backstory would not be able to come to completion as had an Ocean based background. However we gained a new party member-Dashell, who is also a rouge. The next morning we gathered ourselves and went to the library. While we were at the library we spent time researching the tournament of kings, the royal bloodline, the criminal underground in the capital, and different symbols we had seen on other mysterious groups. Our group then split up. Group 1 consisted of Jarvis, Dwael, and Uht who went off to see the prophet, and Group 2 consisted of me and Dashell, while sera and Palin waited at the in because they were not here for this play session. Group 1 found out that the prophet was one of the original 12 heroes that fought and sealed Tharizdun: the chained one. We also through an insight check found out that the Prophet did know something about the Blood Elves, but was not saying anything. Lastly we found the Blood Line of Kings Referred to the 2 formally 3 surviving daughters of the King. This was a huge revelation as it expanded on our goals while in Kord. Meanwhile Group 2 started searching the town for information of the other king candidates. Group 2 was also able to get information of the group that freaked Rime out from last play session. Soon after we all met up back at the Inn and exchanged information.

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