Why I Chose Live-Streaming for my Multimodal Project

Tyler Gunther
Dec 11, 2018 · 2 min read

The media I chose to present my Multi-modal project was a live-stream of a game interspersed with commentary. Normally people give out presentations with pre-planned ideas or statements. However, with a live-stream, you never know what is going to happen as things are going on right as you are speaking. You could have the upper hand playing a game when suddenly you lose out of nowhere. It’s very exciting. While the students in our class are creative and I have already seen some interesting presentations I didn’t really want to be similar to another person’s. This is so my presentation would stick out. I really wanted my presentation to be interactive so the ‘chat’ or the audience of my fellow peers. So While I would be presenting I will have the audience ask me questions and I would do my best to answer them while playing Magic: The Gathering. As a medium live-streaming is different from YouTube or regular video format or communication. It is a two-way communication that can span vast distances. Often people don’t just live steam alone. They often play with friends or with fans. This helps create a greater sense of community between the streamer and the audience. It also helps streamers seem more real and not just personalities behind a screen. However the larger the community the harder it gets for the streamer to interact with each audience member. At some point, the streamer will get affiliated officially with Twitch. Meaning the streamer gets paid for streaming and people can subscribe to them for certain things like having no ads or getting access to the streamers emotes. However, on the other hand, smaller streamers can interact with their community more and you the audience feels more involved, which is why I like following smaller streamers. Another reason why I chose to do a live stream is that I wanted to get people interested in this underappreciated form of media. Granted Twitch has a large audience but it still gets ridiculed by other forms of media, as most people do not think gaming should be a popular thing or an okay thing to do. This affects Twitch as it mainly a gaming platform. However, you can find other things than gaming on Twitch’s platform. There are even games that you can play with your audience influencing how things happen in a game. Overall the reason I choose to have my multi-modal project as a live-stream of a game is that live-streaming is a highly effective way to have the streamer or content creator interact with his audience. The streamer can hold conversations, share ideas, and talk with his/her chat, who can do the same with the streamer. This discourse is real and happens faster than what would happen on YouTube. The content creator would have to read the comments on any video and then respond to them. Live-streaming is much more real and functions better than having a video presentation or just flat out speaking or lecturing to an audience about a particular subject.

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