Day 6: Retrospective, Naming and Cache Invalidation

Today, was a good day! It was frustrating, but ended up fine :)

The software industry often jokes about two of the most difficult things in software. Cache invalidation, Naming things and off by one errors :). I ended up doing two of those things and spent a good 2 hours on an undocumented ecto way of updating embedded data. And in the process creating my first contribution in the form of documentation to Ecto.

Finding a good name which is available as a dot com and which isn’t used by yet is a really hard one. Thankfully, the thesaurus, Google, and helped me narrow down the name of my new app to I can’t believe it was still available :D, Anyhoo, I don’t think names are that big of a deal when it comes to the success of a product. However, it is a good feeling to have a good name :). is going to be the new home for the Dropbox sync backed web host that I am building. I have a pre alpha version of the app deployed. You can try it out, it only adds a new folder to your Dropbox account under ~/Dropbox/Apps/sprymesh, so it is not going to wipe your hard drive :) But be warned this is pre alpha stuff and is very rough around the edges.

So, 3 good things in a day. I’ll call it a success!

Originally published at on June 20, 2017.