European Republic Needed
A Soul for Europe

Let us not ignore that fact, that Jean-Claude Juncker (head of the European government called Commission) and Martin Schulz (President of the Parliament) welcomed Sturgeon very warmly in Brussels after the referendum. It is said, that Juncker provoked criticism by Angela Merkel due to his meeting with Sturgeon! So don’t blame the Commission and Parliament head representatives…

And of course the Brexit problem in a way was a British problem, because British press dominated by Rupert Murdoch had an anti-Brussels campaign running since the Thatcher era. It is a very positive surprise, that 48 % didn’t got influenced by this nationalistic brainwash media propaganda.

I agree on everything else. There are a lot of problems in the European Union and we really need reforms to a more transnational democracy!

P.S. Good Luck for Sturgeon and Salmond and Alba gu bràth!

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