A couple of months ago I was sitting at my laptop when I got an email notification.

I opened my gmail account to see a message from Alex Pond, an individual who’s super passionate about sustainability and the actions we can take to be more environmentally ethical in how we approach our day-to-day lives.

We agreed to schedule a meeting, in which we examined the COVID Corporate Financing Facility, a study which evaluated a variety of company stocks and their recorded energy usage, water usage, and emissions. This eventually lead to a discussion in which we conversed about how companies…

By 2050, we’re expected to have to feed 10 billion people.

The problem is, that’s much easier said than done. The current way we approach agriculture and food production in the western world is super inefficient and not sustainable for the long term.

If we attempt to feed that many people with our current methods, it would not be a pretty situation. We’d run out of resources and destroy our environment in the process.

To preface, we currently produce enough food to theoretically feed ten billion individuals. …

When I was in the first grade, I had a friend, who we’ll call Timmy.

Timmy was an interesting character, and he had this need to really try and stand out. However, he did so not by playing sports, or by doing well in school, but by eating random materials he found around our school.

Everyone knew Timmy had this reputation, and as first-graders, we didn’t really care what he ate or where it came from.

However, that all changed one fateful day in spring, when rather than trying to eat a pencil, he ate a potato bug (a pill…

… And Saving the World at the Same Time

When I was younger, I remember staring outside my window during car rides, looking out onto the streets, and just thinking… EWWW

Okay, so that sounds slightly aggressive, but let me explain just why I was overwhelmed with disgust whenever I drove through the city.

You see, the buildings that I saw looked like this…

Not the most appealing site for an overenthusiastic, colour-obsessed six year old…

When the buildings I wanted to see looked like this:

As humans, we crave discovery, and to explore. We crave the breaking down on barriers and the conquering of new fronts. We crave innovation.

We’ve been on Earth for over an est. 140 000 years, and while living here, our agriculture processes have changed a lot.

But, within the last 100 years, we seem to have hit a plateau. Ag-Tech innovation happening, but, not being put into widespread action yet. Meanwhile, our current food practises are wasteful and beg for change.

ESCA wants to break this cycle. We want to innovate a new type of food future. We’ve decided to…

Now, like most people, I LOVE FOOD. It’s delicious, it fills me up, it has all these great qualities. I think food is great, but, it’s not logical to think that we could survive eating food the way we do now for the next 50 years.

The way we’ve been approaching food for the last one hundred-or-so years has been through a super wasteful way:

  • Farming takes up 70% of the world’s global freshwater supply.
  • 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year (costing us $2.3 trillion every year 😡).
  • Livestock contributes nearly 2/3 of agriculture’s greenhouse & 78%…

If you’ve ever seen a farm, you know it looks something like this:

So cute. So inefficient, but cute.

These are normal farms. There’s nothing special about them. This is what we’re used to.

That’s not necessarily a good thing.

These farms typically use pesticides (which means the crops we get aren’t as nutrient-rich as they should be), are at risk from all weather conditions, take up SO much land, and uses 70% of the world’s water supply.

Not so ideal now. What if there was a way we could change that?

Meet your new best friend: Vertical Farming

In a nutshell:

Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops in vertically stacked…

There are a lot of things to me that just don’t make sense.

  • Why does my gum that costs $2.00 in Mississauga cost $3.15 when I go to Toronto?
  • Why is the pizza box a square when the pizza is a circle?
  • Why does my dentist talk to me when I can’t respond?

On the more serious side:

  • Why do we wage wars over religion and conflicting view points?
  • Why do schools tell us to learn without ever teaching us the applications of what we are doing?
  • Why we pour so much funding into the military but allocate so much…

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about the COVID-19 outbreak.

At first, it seemed like a small little issue. Then, Wuhan, China underwent lockdown. Instead of analyzing the problem and looking at the solutions we should undertake, we decided to storm our Costco’s looking for toilet paper and handsanitizer, all while continuing to hangout with all our friends and family.

The amount of people suffering from COVID-19 has grown exponentially (worldwide stats)

Maybe not the smartest decision… That’s not something that we can change now. The only thing we can do is adapt for the situation we’re in now.

Before we get into what we should be doing…

Let me paint a picture for you.

It’s a Monday morning, and you’re sitting in a classroom listening to your sixty-something year old teacher scream at you about how ‘when they were your age’, they had to:

  • Walk fifteen kilometers in the snow to get to school, while travelling uphill (both ways, of course 💪)
  • Go to the library and read thousands of pages to finish an assignment
  • Watch paint dry because they didn’t have any other method of entertainment

… The list goes on. As annoying as it is continuously listening to your teacher complain about how ‘kids these…

Victoria Dmitruczyk

Currently diving into the intersection of AI, energy, and cellular agriculture. Now, for a pun. What’s a wind turbine’s favourite colour? Blew.

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