Weight without my consent,☆likewise☆ u must be saying¿

Weight without my consent was given to me as a birthday present when i turned 3 years of age.I have asked myself if i am normal like other people,anyways i was born on march 11th 1983,on my 3rd year of age crawling through the kitchen mom was washing dishes,my mission that day was to get my fathers car keys as he showered,MY GRAMMAR IS NOT GOOD so im just gonna write ok? As i remember came up with the keys that night i was looking at them ,i turned to see mom she turned to look at me and i turned i saw the pattern unfolding a number 11 got my attention but that number eleven was the entry for electric wall socket.in that moment i knew it was a perfect fit for a key, my mom said she tackled me with force so she wouldnt get electrocuted,since then signals or signs is all i hear or see….TIME PRESENT SYNCHRONIZATION with this UNIVERSE as if it was and is already written for me.i didnt understand if it was a gift or a curse not long ago AGAIN, 3/11/2011 the day my world felt it came down when i received a call from my mom that my grandma had just passed away, visions of heaven while being awake ive witnessed im 32years old 2017 i will be 34,,2017 again and 97% of human being is failing the test YOU SHOULD OF ALREADY HAVE KNOWN “GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS”

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