You’re young so you obviously don’t remember what a disaster she has been and would be for this…
Rebecca KH

Although I think you’re right to question Clinton’s ethics over the years, I think several items in that list genuinely were revealed to be part of a coordinated effort by a handful of wealthy people to discredit the Clintons.

But it wasn’t ALL a “vast” right wing conspiracy — very few people were involved, and they did little but cast doubt on a couple of simple situations to cause investigators to look more closely than they probably needed to. Meanwhile, legitimate concerns often did not receive enough attention. For example, Vince Foster certainly committed suicide — the intense scrutiny in the investigation of his death was probably not warranted. But the alleged removal of files from Foster’s office, while the Clintons were under investigation, was extremely suspicious. I won’t pretend to know what the truth is on this one; we can only point to the official findings and hope that nothing was covered up.

On the other hand, there are plenty of scandals the salient details of which are a matter of public record, and didn’t require a right wing conspiracy at all. For example, it’s not as if they were even on the GOP’s radar in 1978 during Hillary Clinton’s controversial cattle futures trading spree. The only reason this was never investigated is that the statute of limitations expired, so we have no choice but to either take Clinton on her word for it, or take it as a reason to be skeptical of her.

When several such cases (absent GOP meddling) have piled up, I’m inclined to do the latter — how many times do you believe a child caught with a hand in the cookie jar? “I didn’t take one, I was just looking.” Maybe once or twice, I’d believe that. But most people don’t accrue suspicious stories like this without legitimately having a hand in something. Few high-profile politicians who have been so dogged by scandal have actually been innocent. Maybe none.


Either way, what I meant to get across is this: Clinton is a dangerous candidate — for the Democrats, for the country, and for the world. But repeating the right wing lines that blinded so many Democrats to the Clintons’ *actual* flaws will only make it harder to show people the truth.

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