Letter to the editor: “A Change of Heart About Animals”

In the article “A Change of heart about animals” Jeremy Rifkin discusses how animals should not be treated like lower life than human. He also talks about how an animal’s life is just as important as a human’s being that we are here to share earth with each other. Rifkin also talks about the possibility of having an animal take an I.Q. test, and the possibility if that of the animals being higher than the average human I.Q.

Personally I believe that Humans and animals should be able to coexist better than they currently do. There is a severe amount of animal abuse all around the world and I think that should be a top priority in our government. However I disagree with the idea of an I.Q. test for an animal, I don’t think that any animals would actually have a higher I.Q. than I human. Though I disagree with certain aspects of the article Jeremy Rifkin makes many good points about how animals are treated much more poorly than they should be.

By: Jason Ramblas