Letter to the editor: “A Change of Heart About Animals”

Jeremy Rifkin has the right idea about “A Change of Heart About Animals.” We should look closer to animals how they would react if we gave it something they would probably enjoy like a toy or better quality food. Animals do have emotion like us every pet owner should know this. When you start petting your dog or cat they show how good it feels when they are being pet and how they enjoy it. In his articles he talks about elephants experiencing grief when one of their other elephants friends had past and they use their trunks to touch their bodies to show that they were comforting their past family. This shows animals do have emotion and Jeremy Rifkin has a lot of examples about animal emotion in his article.

Rifkin made me have a better understanding how my cats feel when I am giving them food, petting them, or even screaming at them for doing something wrong. It made me feel worse about myself because how Idid not really take good care of them. Now my cats are really mean to me and I regret that now. I agree what Rifkin says about animals and their emotions.

By: Bobby Truong

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