Letter to the editor: “A Change of Heart About Animals”

In Jeremy Rifkin’s editorial “A change of heart about animals,” he argues that animals have more in common with us than we think and have feeling and emotions. He shows us that animals are just as advanced as humans and I agree. They have emotions that can physically affect them and we need to take more steps to make sure they are treated fairly.

Animals feel the same as us, anger, depression, and even joy. Fast food companies have had test to see how pigs respond to being isolated. Turns out that pigs get depressed when left alone and it’s bad for their health and if we eat them why not have them as healthy as possible. Animals need to be treated equally especially when we consume them.

Animals may not be physically abused but they are not treated with the respect they deserve. Humans shouldn’t have a say on how animals live their lives, it’s to cruel to think we control another species lives because we think we’re better.

By: Bobby Truong

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