Men, FYI, Your Dicks Don’t Taste Like Ice Cream
Kitty Stryker

(Warning: Mature topic)

Coming from a cisgender straight male who’s had a very, very different experience in life than the audience of men you’re referring to, I find this article quite humorous.

Of the females I’ve enjoyed intimately, I have “given” very liberally to all but two. For most of my life, I had “received” from 2 women, on a total of 3 occasions, and stopped them each time from continuing within a few minutes without feeling any pleasure (one occurrence was due to old school braces). It was never a “give and take”, an expectation, or even a request of mine to receive. I enjoyed my partner’s pleasure gratefully, and discovered I was very — dare I say — talented. It wasn’t until I was 27 that I first experienced pleasurable “receiving”, and not until my 30s it became more common in my personal life. (I believe not common enough, as I’m still using quotes in a modest way.)

What the fuss is all about, I cannot relate. There are a few occurrences which I have abstained from giving, as well as a few from receiving. And there are partners who didn’t (initially) like giving or receiving at all. To me being resistant in general to an action so simple and so pleasurable is ridiculous, immature, and kinda lame… as well as hilarious. Life is too short not to make my bedroom partner just as happy as I’d like to be.

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