It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

I love this on so many levels. Thank you for using the Norman Invasion to illustrate your point. My favorite thing about history is that we as humans make similar decisions over and over again and can watch (and ideally learn from) how those decisions have played out over time.

I would say I can’t believe somebody compared killing Black people to killing pigs for food, but that would be a lie. Because people are terrible sometimes, and sadly I am not surprised about it anymore. I wish it were a truly shocking thing in a why-would-anyone-ever-do-such-a-thing-that’s-terrible kind of way rather than a why-are-people-still-doing-this kind of way.

Also, I appreciate the irony that you wrote this critique of Western European obliviousness to racism using one of the most post-enlightment-western-european models that exist: the essay.

I should stop now, before I start babbling.

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