Waiting for the Zing! Boom!
Stella J. McKenna

I agree Stella, it is seldom hard to judge the feeling of love and it doesn’t make a grand entry always. Its also difficult to understand the difference between love and the crushes we have, and we often end-up confusing them.

It all makes sense as love can be so many different things- it can be butterflies in your tummy, a feeling of heart skipping a beat, a feeling of overwhelming joy, losing your appetite and sleep (seldom shown in movies) and seeing world through dreamy eyes.

Sometimes, it manifests itself as ‘Love at first sight’ and sometimes, it takes years of togetherness, until one fine day you realize, Aah, its Love…

But, I guess it is all these different forms and all these different signs which make Love so beautiful and so mysterious, definitely worth a quest!

Here is a short, funny tale of falling in love, which I thought you might like,