In A Heart Beat…

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

Valentine’s Day, not again.

“When will my quest for finding my Valentine get over”, Mia thought to herself and sighed.

For once, she wanted her heart to skip a beat and feel swayed away..

Not having any plans, she put on her running shoes and decided to go to the gym, which of course would be deserted today. Getting on the treadmill, she started running and because of her swirling thoughts, she resorted back to walking and plugged in her earphones.

Listening to Enrique’s Somebody’s Me… and singing along, she walked at a fast pace. After some time, she got conscious with the presence of another person in the gym, when did he enter the door?

She had never seen him in gym before, but today it was hard to ignore him. What was he doing in gym on Valentine’s day. He looked so handsome, with his bulging biceps, well carved calves and a perfectly toned body- it was hard to not look at him and even harder to believe, he was single. Mia kept looking at him from the corner of her eyes, as he worked on his muscles.

She had already covered 3 miles of distance looking at him and decided to leave. Then at that very instance, he turned towards Mia and gave his sweetest smile, and said, Hi. Stunned, she replied hi after couple of seconds, and started to get off the treadmill, when her eyes caught display of treadmill…

Her heartbeat was racing at 190 bpm…

Her wish was granted, her heart literally skipped a beat!