S.A.D. I feel, not my cup of tea.

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What is opposite of Love? Hatred.

What is opposite of Happiness? Sadness.

What is opposite of Celebration? Mourning.

And, what is opposite of Valentine day? Single Awareness Day (aka S.A.D.)

For all of you out there wondering regarding the existence and authenticity of this day, it does exist and is celebrated as a holiday on same day as Valentine day. Celebrated by single people around the world, it is getting popular as Valentine day for singles and serves as a day when single people rejoice in themselves and show that they need not be a couple in order to be happy.

I do remember a time when single people used to resist Valentine day and underwent an emotional turmoil each year as the world got draped in the color of the season-Red. This day brought with it an alarming reminder of being “single” and it manifested itself in all the different ways- your friends buying gifts for their respective loves, restaurants designing an altogether new menu for the day, shopping malls offering ‘deals of the season’ and social media sites going gaga with public display of affection. There was no way at all to escape this day and as the clock struck 12, everything turned back to normal.

If this day was not enough, whole idea of Valentine week evolved with each day dedicated to different ways and items to display your affection- a teddy day, a Rose day, a kiss day and so forth.

It could have been a suffocating time for many of us but as this tradition grew old, the tradition evolved and Valentine day became no longer restricted to any particular relation, as valentine means the “someone you love” and it could be anybody, your parents, your friends, your pet and even you yourself.

My other article explores this different perspective towards Valentine day.

It was all good until S.A.D. came into existence. Sounding like a medical campaign launched for the awareness of a toxic disease, its name itself makes me feel sad.

But that’s not all, there are many reasons as well why I don’t connect with this day. We don’t need a day to celebrate ourselves. Life in itself is a celebration of our being. And, if we need a specific day to pamper and love ourselves, we have a problem!

Valentine day has so much history linked with it, while S.A.D.? I don’t think so.

With no historical background whatsoever, it sounds a cliché and a meaningless practice of resentment.

Have a broken heart?

We have our friends and loved ones to mend our broken hearts and help us through tough times, and we don’t need a day for it. It will make us feel more sad and lost!

Celebrate yourself, love yourself,
Pamper yourself & enjoy your life.
But don’t dedicate a day for it,
Please don’t make it a meaningless strive.