Dr. Seuss said it best, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Everyone says high school flies by and I can definitely attest to that. In the past four years I have made great memories and friends and I'm glad to be closing this chapter of my life. High school and anything really is what you make of it. In grade 9, I was getting used to everything; where the cafeteria was the washroom and my locker. I had 8 classes everyday and it was difficult finding a work/study schedule. I didn’t join any clubs nor was I really involved in the school. Nevertheless the grade 12’s stepped up and insured we had an amazing first year, with great assemblies and an orientation day that will be unforgettable.

Ahhh grade 10 was probably my favourite year. I knew my way around the school and found a core group of friends. The work load was a lot easier and my school decided to be semester so I only had to take 4 classes every 5 months. I got better grades and became an honour roll student. I was a lot happier and discovered my love for makeup.

Grade 11, was the hardest year of high school. My grades started to slip I found myself sick all the time and I had awful eating habits and rarely ever slept. My assignments, although never late were poorly done and didn’t really care about school. I also felt lonely and I’d isolate myself from my friends. At lunch I'd go to the library to play fruit ninja on my phone.

Grade 12, was a fantastic blur! Once again I was in honour roll and I won a metal for my accomplishment. I was more involved within and out of the school. I volunteered at the library and at school. I joined the cross country team for 2 days before I decided running willingly for a long time wasn’t for me. Like I said this year was a blur and I cannot believe I'm done.

The past four years of high school were bitter sweet, a chapter in my life that I am ready to close. T all my fellow graduates of 2017, may life lead to many exhilarating paths that lead you to find where your passions lie.

Mine so happens to be journaling and blogging as of today,


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