Journal 4

“ A parachute drive. Without a parachute…” (pg. 27) this is an example that supports Jeannette Walls’ statement about never surrendering to fear because it saying that they live at the moment they do not think about the future, that they do not really care if they live or die. Another example is when she burned herself. She got burned by cooking, that she even went to the hospital for it but after all that happen later on she was hungry and started to cook again knowing it could happen again.Those are examples supporting Jeannette Walls’ statement. One fear that I remember I had was when I couldn’t feel my legs. I remember it like if it was just yesterday I was on my lunch break from work I was headed home on my bike when all of sudden my front wheel poped and I fell forward. I did a flip my legs hit hard on the floor and plus the bike fell on top of my legs. I was in the middle of the street and I couldn't feel my legs so I couldn’t really stand up, I had to crawl to the sidewalk in pain with my bike. I was shocked didn’t know really what to do. For my good luck a cop passed by and asked me if I was okay and he even took me home. After a few days I had to go somewhere but it was to far to go walking so I fixed the bike, I checked everything if it was okay on my bike before I used it. That’s where I started to use bikes again I went to the place I had to go and even went to go cruise for a little. This is how I faced my fear and got stronger because even knowing it could happen to me again or something worst I still ride bikes I even sometimes try to do tricks.

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