Journal 3

I do believe that someone can be in love with one person and then quickly forget about them to love another. I believe this because the first person that you loved could have been great and amazing, but then you meet someone else who is just incredible, and they have that one quality that you just can’t find in anyone. Love at first sight is something people say when they are talking about their looks. I do not believe in love at first sight because you don’t know the person you just know how they look, and you can’t fall in love with someone with out knowing who they are. That is why people go on dates. I think that if two young people love each other so much that they would do anything ; then yes i do think that love could last till the end of time. No, I don’t think that young people should stay in a committed relationship until marriage because you haven’t fully discovered the world and who is out there. You should explore the horizons, and maybe you will find someone on the way.

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