Media Companies: Don’t Let Your Traffic Run Out the Side Door
Josh Elman

Until the Internet, publishing meant delivering one’s work to the reader, to the subscriber, to the corner where the reader can conveniently pick up a fresh copy.

Then publishers were told that on the Internet readers would come to them and that they should do everything they could to get the reader to come to them, like leverage SEO and social media.

And now Facebook threatens confused publishers by telling them that the future is for publishers to literally give their atomized ‘content’ to Facebook, and settle for a few highly discounted advertising crumbs.

When publishers figure out how to created digital delivery-based business models that actually do jobs people need done, they won’t need SEO or Facebook. Or maybe advertising at all. Which may be the only way to compete with the advertising-dependent web.

It is pretty explicit. A business with 15 times the eyeballs, earning 25% of the revenue of your industry should not be your new business model.

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