Meditation, the key to a more restful sleep?

So, I’m currently reading Arianna Huffington’s Thrive, well listening to it really, but its the same damn thing to me honestly.

She goes on about sleep quite a bit, which I have actually been incorporating into my daily routine of late. I try to be in bed by 21:30 or 22:00 the latest. I am however still falling into the trap of looking at my phone as I fall asleep. Arianna suggests that you charge your phone far away from you bed, and that if you are concerned about an alarm, if you have timed your sleep well enough, you shouldn’t need one to wake up…but for now, I’ll charge it across the room which will force me to get up and out of bed to switch it off.

Something else that she has been advocating, is meditation. Something that I used to do quite regualrly when I first got to South Korea, but 8 years later, my mind is a cold noodle soup, congested and thick, and slowing down my capability to recall things accurately and to grasp things quickly.

I also believe that if I meditate before I sleep, the quality of my sleep will improve, which apparently will lead to a myriad of benefits including improved performance at tasks, improved focus and weight loss (yay!).

So, this weekend I am challenging myself to meditate for 10 minutes before I go to bed. But first to be in bed by 21:00 with a physical book just to get my mind off the day’s activities, then to spend 10 minutes in the dark before I sleep just being aware of my thoughts. Who knows if this is the right way to do it, but I am a firm believer in experimenting / diving into things and learning as a go along.

Wish me luck!