Journal 4

“‘You’re going to learn to swim today’…I felt terrified and clutched his neck so tightly that his skin turned white” (Walls 65). Jeanette overcame her fear of swimming when her father continuously threw her into the water until she started swimming on her own.

I was prejudiced in my Spanish class, my classmates would turn to me for help when they do not know a word or know how to say a sentence in the Spanish language. It used to bother me a lot when they would ask for my help with the same question, “What does this mean?” and “How do you say this in English?”. I would ask them why they always want me to help them when I am here to learn Spanish too, and they would reply with “It is because you are Mexican”. Just because I am Mexican, does not precisely mean that I speak Spanish fluently. It does not only happen at school but also at Legoland California Resort, my job. One day I was working on the salad bar in my restaurant; many people would come up to me asking me questions in Spanish. I always respond in English because I can not speak Spanish confidently due to my common errors while speaking. I do understand Spanish; however, it is difficult for me to respond. My mom as well does the same thing but for a different reason. One day we went to North Gate to buy groceries, and the cashier spoke to my mom in Spanish; she responded in English. When we got into the parking lot, I asked her “Why did you pretend that you do not know Spanish when you speak it fluently?” She responded, “It is because I hate it when people just assume that I know Spanish because of the way I look”. Keep in mind that my mom looks like who she is, a Mexican who was born in Mexicali. My mom worked hard to learn English and become an American Citizen, so she wants to be treated as an American Citizen.