Paisley Park is the new DisneyLand

I think I’m brave enough to tell this long overdue story and I can’t keep it bottled in any longer! I’ve been walking around with a permasmile and peeps in my life are calling me the happiest person alive. A good friend honestly asked, “What happened to you? Did you win the lotto or just come back from Disneyland?” Even better! So, 2 months ago I discovered that Prince was performing a private concert at his home in Minnesota. By the grace of God I scored guaranteed admission and made the journey to Minnie. There I found myself at Paisley Park- AKA Princes’ purple magic kingdom. Prince opened his generous heart to share his beautiful music with just his angelic voice and purple piano- it was perfect. This was my first Prince concert and now I'm hooked. These were the best 3 days of my earthly existence. My experience was so enchanting that I can't even go into detail about it because #1: you won’t believe me. #2: I don't believe me (still pinching myself) and #3: I truly don't want to be a stumbling block by provoking jealousy. My only wish is that every soul (man/woman, boy/girl, cat/dog, young/old, rich/poor, black/white, red/green) will experience the funkiest man. (you’ll ever see!) : ) After witnessing the Master of Music, King of Funk, he is undoubtedly the most talented creature to ever bestow the earth- thank you God for giving us Prince. On the flip side I feel sorry for the rest of us music making mortals. He set the bar so high and unreachable that it will take a 1000 light years to get where he is- anyone have a spaceship? Ok so this this is our plea: (In fact 7 Myriad pleas- yes I'm counting his fans from above *high fiving the angels*) we pray that he performs more concerts at his purple magic kingdom Paisley Park. It is the perfect venue and we love all his rules. Don’t get me wrong, he will bring his magic wherever he lands (California, Australia, Neptune) but there’s something magical about being in the vicinity of where the Chef creates his culinary masterpieces. This life changing event had such a profound effect on me, that I’m seriously calculating a move to Minnesota. I’m truly looking 4ward 2 residency in Minnie ASAP because when this system goes down, that’s where I want to be. People say that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth but I beg to differ. Paisley Park is the magic kingdom, sorry Mickey.

Good Music, Good Medicine

2 months later, I consider myself a FUNK Junky because I’ve been overdosing on his music- especially his new albums! HIS music is my choice of drug and this powerful antidote will challenge your mind, stir your heart and captivate your soul. Medically speaking, good medicine is used to treat, cure, prevent, diagnose a disease or promote well-being. Musically speaking, I just defined Prince music. They should put warning labels on all his concert posters/CDs! Warning: Prince Music will cause a physiological change in heart, mind, body and soul. Warning: Prince music may cause addiction. Warning: Prince music will cause hysteria: use care when operating a car or using dangerous machinery. Warning: Prince music will take you to another universe. I’m not trying to be cute or funny, this is legit. So thank you for your medicine Mr. or I should say Dr. Nelson.

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