Journal #5

In the story Jeannette handle the situation by contemplating that this was not a compliment and he was criticizing her father. Even though the man said he was complimenting her about the plans she had for her future. My big plans for the future are to attend to college then after that become a firefighter. I plan on accomplishing my goal through hard work and dedication. I am already a beach lifeguard which falls in the line with the medical industry and also gives me the sense of how to react in certain life or death situations. My plan for encountering difficulties along the way is to stay focused and keep my eye on the goal at hand, determined by energy and strength I have to overcome what is potentially stopping me. My parents and friends will always be there to support me and help me get there, like a barrier with encouragement and knowledge that will overall help me to my goal in life. The life of a firefighter is the one true thing I believe in, knowing that you are a hero to many, and you can save someones life. Your a figure in the community that everyone trust and cares for. I want the responsibility that this job beholds, and I want the challenge that this jobs offers. I have began the first step into becoming a firefighter by becoming a beach lifeguard. Knowing the connections, and also having the knowledge that will get me there.