Journal #3: The Gift
Sarah Hunter

Through the gift of giving, the gift that I have given was a special card that represented the love I have for my mother. I have always given good gifts, every special holiday or birthday. Knowingly that holidays came with bringing family and friends together, that came along with gifts and love. At the age of 11, I had presented my mother with a card, I remember smelling the markers ink, that I penned the card with. Sketching and producing a sentimental card that my mom would forever endure. I had sketched a picture of us on one page, just like any other 11 year old would draw on a card, which would be given to their mother. But on the other side I would compile many different thoughts to create, how I felt about my mom. Saying,” you are the best mother in the world¨ also , “ for always feeding me¨. But that wasn’t what my mother had been so amused and filled with laughter. At the end of the card I had written a joke, that is when I saw my mother tear up with joy and laughter, knowing that I had made her day and remembering the sound of her laugh as is it flowed through my hears. The joke that I had given her was,¨ You and I are peanutbutter and jelly, and Austin and Dad are the too crusty pieces of bread¨. My mom and I have always have a connection like no else in my family, my brother Austin never understood why and neither did I, we just had a bond like no other, I could tell my mom anything. The card that I had given my mother so many years ago, still gets brought up today, and my mom and I rejoice about it, even brings us closer and closer every time, knowing it was in the past. We will forever be bonded like no other.

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