Actually Shaykh Ahmad paved the way for Babism, a radically violent faith that was much more…

Peace_for_all, as far as I know, Bábism (religion of the Báb) was violent at its later stage. While some Bahá’is shy away from this fact due to its potential to draw away liberal seekers, I find it commendable because Twelvers were expecting their Mahdi to return in a violent manner.

See quote below:

Zurarah asked Imam as-Sadiq (‘a): “Will the approach and policy of Hadrat al-Qa’im (‘atfs) be the same as that of the Prophet (S)?” The Imam (‘a) replied: “O Zurarah! Never; never. He will not adopt the policy of the Prophet (S) (in dealing with enemies). The Prophet (S) used to deal with enemies leniently, gently and kindly in order to win their hearts and for the people to be acquainted with him. Hadrat al-Qa’im (‘atfs), however, will adopt the policy of killing; he will act according to his order and accept no one’s repentance. Thus, woe be to anyone who would oppose him!”