Growing up as a first generation American to Pakistani parents led to some ethnicity issues.

Things that occasionally happen to me:

Hispanic folks sometimes try to talk to me in Spanish (and if I get an abuela I get scolded for not knowing my mother tongue when I tell them I don’t know Spanish!)

Middle Easternish people think I’m Egyptian, unless they’re from Iran. Iranians just think I’m from Iran and ask if I know Farsi. (My ancestry is Iranian. I do not know Farsi.)

Desis will try to ask me where I’m from after hearing my name, then straight up argue with me on how I can’t really be Pakistani OR they’ll get way too excited and ask me about my whole family history and where my relatives live. They lose their minds if they’re from Houston and find out that I am the Fyza that Fyza’s Groceries was named after (long story). …


Fyza Hashim

Designer @Trello. Possible crazy cat lady.

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