How Online-Based Businesses Can Benefit from Offline Events

Written By: Elias Snyders

Mar 23 · 5 min read

“How to Use Old Marketing Techniques in Modern Times. Offline Events Still Work!”

The world of marketing trends is ever-changing. Successful marketers often use fresh ideas from other marketers and put their own spin on it. The trick is to follow these trends before they become overused and ineffective. The most important marketing trends in the current business world have come from the global adoption of the internet and internet-based companies. Online marketing has become extremely popular due to the ease of online content creation, cheap promotion costs, and the ability to focus on hyper-focused target markets. With online marketing being the new trend, many businesses have forgotten about the timeless techniques that helped build massive organizations before the digital world existed. In this blog, we will discuss how a new organization (in this instance, a hypothetical mobile application) can use offline events to put their product in front of their target customers.

Khalid at “Pollstar Live!” music conference. Photo by Elias Snyders


A conference is a formal meeting where people in a certain niche or profession meet to learn and think collaboratively with major players in their market. The reason a person would attend a conference is most likely that they want to learn from more experienced people in their field, or to network with people similar to themselves. Founders of “Your Mom” should consider attending conferences for mothers in order to put the product directly in front of their target customers with the goal of eventually being keynote speakers at these events.


The next type of offline event “Your Mom” should consider working with to reach their target market segment is meetups. Meetups are informal meetings or gatherings of people with similar interests. “Your Mom” should consider sponsoring Mom’s Groups or even starting their own to drive attention from mothers toward the application. Our group should also consider sponsoring groups for students who are just moving away from home for the first time. Maybe organize a lecture series for freshman seminars where we talk about the app and how it can help students adapt to living away from their families.


The last type of offline event “Traction” recommended is parties. To elaborate, hosting a party for the target market. This would mean hosting parties sponsored by “Your Mom” for either college students, parents, or both. It is difficult to see how this type of event could benefit “Your Mom”. I believe parties should be the last of the three to be considered.


Offline events are a unique way for an online-based company to reach its target market and stand out from potential competitors. It puts the product right in front of the customer and helps to develop a brand image. Putting a face to a brand is extremely important if “Your Mom” wishes to stay relevant. Having representatives attend conferences, meetups, and parties is a great way to put a face on the brand. I believe this method of marketing could be very effective for “Your Mom”, not to mention it could also be quite fun for the reps attending these events. Offline events should be seriously considered as one of the initial marketing practices implemented into the growth strategy for “Your Mom”.


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