Children’s Art Gallery and Museum

Location: 139 Kyubyshev Str., Samara.

Tel.: 007 (846) 332–43–98 www.

Hours: Daily: 9am to 5.30pm.

Children’s Art Gallery and Museum dwells in a fairy-tale residence previously owned by Ivan Andreevich Klodt. Being a masterpiece of German Renaissance with towers and weathercocks and balconies, the residence outmatched all the other mansions in Samara. Mr. Klodt was a wealthy merchant and significantly supported city improvement in exchange for the right to build such a magnificent palace in the main city street. Today, his primary gift — a wonderful mansion — hosts Children’s Art Gallery and Museum. A number of diverse holidays and children’s craft festivals are celebrated here; while, outdoor exhibitions enable visitors to get acquainted with creations of young artists at any time. The Art Gallery Fund comprises over 19,000 items including above 12,000 art items sent by children from different countries, as well as handicraft and folk art items, dolls of the nations and centuries-old household items. Children’s art and craft studios operate at the Museum.