Cosmic Samara

Location: 21 Lenin Str., Samara.

Tel.: 007 (846) 263–39–35

Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 6pm, Saturday: 10am to 5pm, Sunday: 11am to 3pm. Closed: Monday

Samara is justifiably called the Motherland of rocket engineering as it is exactly the place for assembly of components for most part of spacecrafts. Cosmic Samara Museum shares on the role of the city in history of space conquering. Apart from a real rocket vehicle — Soyuz standing high above the museum building, one can see authentic details of space ships, photographs describing a space trip by International Space Station, personal belonging of well-known astronauts and space engineers, etc. Interactive devices enable visitors to get fully aware of the heroic deeds of those who explored the universe, as well as feel the entire depth of the notion “universe as anticipation”