Piotr Alabin Historical and Regional Studies Museum of Samara

Location: 142 Leninskaya Str., Samara.

Tel.: 007 (846) 333–64–23


Hours: Daily: 10am to 6pm; Thursday: 1pm to 9pm. Closed: Monday

Alabin Museum is represented by 2,500 square meters of exposition and exhibition areas and a cinema hall of 270 seats. The museum collections comprise over 180,000 items including a numismatic collection, a rare books collection dating back to 18th-19th century, cold arms and fire arms of Russian, Western and Oriental origin dating back to 14th-20th centuries. The Museum regularly holds bright exhibitions and out-of-the-box events of any scale and areas — from scientific conferences to jewelry festival, from abstract art displays to fashion shows. Developmental workshops for children can also be held here if preliminary agreed.