Sakharov Vehicle History Park Complex

Location: 137 Yuzhnoe Highway, Togliatti.

Tel.: 007 (8482) 94–00–59,

Hours: daily 8am to 5pm, no lunch break or holidays

Welcome to a large-scale museum complex presenting the world biggest collection of military vehicles outdoors! Unparalleled exhibition items — from commonly known car vehicles to space vehicles, from military vehicles to the largest collection of aviation vehicles — are gathered on the area of 38 hectares. The most peculiar exhibit item is a real submarine B-307 delivered as a solid block from its service location and well known to the museum guests by numerous national films. Now, it is available for visiting! One can take a walk along the corridors of the real submarine, have a look at dozens of diverse tanks and armored fighting vehicles, take a selfie in a cockpit of a fighter-bomber aircraft, touch vehicles dating back to WWII and the Victory Day — all of that is possible to do in the Park Complex, Togliatti.