“Samara Bend” National Park

When the Volga rounded the Zhigulevsky mountains, an amazing territory was formed- it is Samara Bend connected with the “big earth” only by an isthmus of 12 kilometers. Today it is the territory of the national park of the same name. There is a special climate and there are endemic plants and unique animals. Here, there are either wonderful visions, or bizarre optical refractions in the form of beautiful cities. Tourists here are still looking for the treasures of the ataman Stepan Razin and listen attentively to the legends of the Mistress of the Zhiguli Mountains, Shishig and Volkadir. And they also admire the most beautiful panoramas, beautiful temples and cozy villages, visit the Repin museum and the Zhigulevsky fairy tale museum. They taste the Volga fish and enjoy the Beshchev cherry, which grows only on Samara’s Luka.