Samara Regional Art Museum

Location: 92 Kuybyshev Street, Samara.

Tel.: 007 (846) 333–46–50.

Hours: Daily: 10am — 6pm, Thursday: 1pm — 9pm, Closed: Tuesday.

It is an ancient city museum located in a magnificent building dating back to early 20th century. The museum was founded in 1897 and its collection includes over 35,000 exhibit items aged late 16th — early 17th centuries. Pictures created by great artists such as A.I. Kuindshy, B.M. Kustodiev, I.I. Shyshkin, I.E. Repin, K.P. Bruilov, I.K. Aivazovsky, F.S. Rokotov make up a constant explosion of the museum and naturally blend in with the ancient halls of the building. Most important city displays take place here on a regular basis — from de Goya, Shagal and Dali to Andy Warhol. It is where the heart of cultural city life beats — both elegant dancing parties and lectures on modern art, photo shows and Art Nights are comfortably settled in the palace halls.