New Jersey to Ohio, the girl who loves to write

The sun shine down and the wind slowly blow on her face, a girl was sitting on a big rock in front of the BU science building, she was smiling with her blue elegant dress, sunglass on her curly brown hair. Her name is Eliot Dorothy Schiaparelli, a 17-year-old high school student that is about to be a rising senior from Cincinnati Ohio.

Elliot and her family moved from New Jersey to Ohio when she was 7, Her parents was first met when they were working in the same law firm in New York. Later when they moved to Ohio, her mother started her job in the J&J Marketing Department, while father wrote the food and wine column for an magazine company. Right now Elliot’s mother works as an CEO for an medical device company, while her father becomes a stay-home dad by taking care of her and her little brother.

Later on in the interview, Eliot confirmed herself as a full vegetarian. “Meat just being gross out for me, this is an animal that once alive, and you kills it just to satisfy your own pleasure, that’s not something I can condo” She said. Eliot started to become a vegetarian since third grade, and her center idea of not eating animal was when she realized that animals were now suffering from ranching and all these poor living condition, while it all comes to the fact that it’s for human’s living. “ You don’t need to eat meat to survive.” With her unflinching eyes and voice, she said.

When asking about her hobbits, the first thing Eliot said immediately is “Writing and reading”. She said she was strongly influenced by his father, “My father reads and writes a lot, he is an amazing writer, I think he really inspired me a lot.” Eliot also said that her name was named after the famous writer T.S. Eliot, so writing and reading is an very important part and element in her life as an writer. “Oh, well. I love to read Harry Potter by the way, it’s my favorite when I was a little kid.” She smiled and said. At age 13, she started her writing career for the school newspaper, now Elliot is in her school newspaper team as assistant editor, and will soon be the main editor next year.

For the activities, Eliot is obsessed with playing lacrosse since third grade. She plays lacrosse most of the time as a sport and hobby. When she entered high school, she started to see lacrosse more seriously and she got into the varsity team as a sophomore, and was involved in the states tournament game for the past two years.

“Lacrosse is my life, my everything.” Said Eliot.

At the end of our interview, Eliot mentioned that her dream in the future is to be a political journalist, her passion about writing and the willingness of changing the world by her pen is something that motives her about her direction on her life. “I want to be the next Anderson cooper, for sure.” Eliot said it in a soft but strong voice. The sun was shining on that Friday afternoon, it’s a metaphor, for Eliot’s future as well.

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