Journal # 2

Jeannette Walls show that she puts her father on a high pedestal on page 17 “ Don’t I always take care of you” ? “course you do” I said. This is showing that whatever the family does her dad will always be there and will protect her and the family. Someone in my family that I put on a high pedestal is my mom. No matter what we go through no matter no matter what we argue about we always still love each other. My mom was the only one there for when we were growing up as a kids ( my brother, my sister and my self ). When i was two years old my mom and dad got a divorce because of my dad’s drinking problem and the way they were living old houses always dirty and they always fought. One day my mom told my dad to leave and get some help he left to Tj the that day and didn’t come back until i was six. Everything know now and all the life lessons i now i learned mostly from my. My uncles were a big part of help raising us too. I see my uncle’s more as a dad than i do my own dad. My mom has always tried to give us the best life she could give even though sometimes it wasn’t the best life we know it was the best she could use with just her and no one else. I love my mom and i’m so thankful that i have here without her i wouldn’t be the person i am today. Even though my dad wasn’t around much when i was a kid i don’t blame him because i know that alcoholism is a disease that infects the brain so i have no hard feeling for him because to be honest the only thing i need is my mom.