Life hurts, don’t suffer in vain

Jan 4 · 2 min read

How does this work?

Nimses is a global economic ecosystem built upon the absolute value of human time. It is a unified system of accounting for all of the time of living human beings, to be precise. To become a member of this economy, I have to register: this is a standard economic procedure. For example, in the old days, for me to be taken into account by society, the city council, tax officials, kindergarten or at the workplace I would have to show documents to prove I exist: my passport, my birth certificate, official ID etc. At Nimses the procedure is much simpler, but the principle is the same. Everyone has the right to be registered, but no one can have two birth certificates.

When I create an account, a Nimses account, I achieve User status and start receiving value for each minute lived. Every minute, one nim is added to my account balance. The time I’ve lived is recorded, regardless of how I actually spent it. Since there are 1440 minutes in a day, I collect 1440 nims per day. Of this amount, I will pay my daily contribution to the Temple Bank where I have Citizen status.

Before getting my citizenship, however, I start as a User. User status is basic. Being a User, however, is not that rewarding. It’s much better to have Human status. That happens when I receive six verifications from six real people: that is six people who know me or have seen me and can confirm that I am a living person. Only then do I become a Human. This status enables me to unlock the full potential of the Nimses platform.

What can I do with nims?

  • Collect dominims, take Temples, become a Master and collect more nims.
  • Follow interesting people and Communities to see their quality content.
  • Get coverage: the more nims I have, the more people will see what I post.

So, you are basically saying that I get true value directly to my account just because I am alive with no obligations and under no conditions?


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