There are 3 Core Elements to a regenerative strategy

Weaker and Weaker Government Models

It doesn’t just assume that the national government models we’ve relied on for generations will not only continue to struggle to give their citizens what they need against the backdrop of multiple global challenges, that much is obvious. It assumes the pace of that failure, will accelerate to the point where a volatile breakdown is a possibility.

Seeks to Regenerate Government Models Whilst Regenerating Your Own

A regenerative strategy makes the choice to intervene, helping governments re-imagine their role and in doing so, use those experiences to accelerate their own pace of change. Recognising that we need government models to act as accelerants to solutions, not brakes.

Builds a Movement

Finally, it…

Non-linear people avoid organisational obsolescence


Non-linear People haven’t just worked across multiple systems, but have experience of re-imagining how the emerging Government, Business, Investment Models the world needs might function differently.


Non-linear People understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current models. They can help layer the new over the old and can create the space for new models to emerge at the fastest possible pace.


They are scarce because we haven’t encouraged, or sought these skills for decades, as our post war systems have not been able to adapt and change incrementally.

You need non-linear people in your ownership, employee and advisor groups.

What sort of People do you need in and around your organisation to imagine and execute a regenerative strategy?

In Part 1 we used IKEA’s BoKlok expansion as a framework to discuss the difference between a regenerative strategy shaped by non-linear people an exciting, but nonetheless, logical response to a gap in the market.

A Regenerative Strategy has 3 components, bold in vision and action.

  1. Assumes Deteriorating Government and Civil Society Models
  2. Seeks to help regenerate them whilst regenerating their own models
  3. Commits to building a movement of other regenerative businesses


People will shape the world’s destination, so what sort of people do you need in and around your organisation to re-imagine, commit and deliver…

Is it part of a regenerative strategy shaped by non-linear people or a simple gap in the market?

Whichever way you look at it, IKEA’s expansion plans for BoKlok their affordable sustainable housing JV with Skanska, is exciting. A logical interpretation of their core values of a better everyday life for the many people. Recognising that as governments struggle under a weight of unprecedented complexities, a better life will increasingly mean helping people get what they need as much as what they want.

The climate crisis isn’t the only exponential challenge business has to address. Technology, Peak influence in the West contributing to populist national governments. etc, etc. However IKEA are as well positioned as anyone to deliver…

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Support needed for the effective deployment of a variety of impactful external communications using a variety of media. The content is challenging and thought-provoking; the clients are those shaping the businesses of the future; and the role is working directly with the founder.

The role would suit someone with communications and digital experience, with an interest in global challenges and the role of business and system change.

Who are we?

Six Degree People work with boards and investors to introduce the concepts of non-linear systems and non-linear people, and the relevance to their organisation. We work…

Watch our 3 minute animation on how people can change the world’s destination

The world faces a set of unprecedented and inter-linked externalities that pose a real threat to yesterday’s siloed systems of business, government and investment.

Find out how we think new non-linear systems will be created by a non-linear ‘people-force’ — and how we need a complete shift in people strategy to achieve it:

Discover more about our Five Point Implementation Plan: Inform, Identify, Recruit, Develop, Deploy in What we do.

The challenge for business is to re-imagine its place in a world where government and investment models are unrecognisable

We’ve discussed that it’s never been a more vital or exciting time to be a political or business leader or a major investor. The government, investment and business models we’ve relied on for 75 years to determine the way we live, learn and earn are failing.

Not appropriate to respond to the combined exponential impacts of technology, climate and that third catch all category of societal restlessness around: inclusion; gender; ethnicity; the gap between the rich and poor in all its forms; or the west reaching peak influence in the world. …

Amid a failing government model, would they accept, decline or delay?

What if the British people asked Lego to take a primary role in delivering education in the UK and that also involved them proposing a new society ownership structure to deliver it?

Let’s imagine, that for a combination of reasons the British people decided that the current government-led model to delivering education was broken and complaining more wasn’t really helping. They had to look at a solution based more on the future than improving on the past.

Real term funding cuts, leading to increasing trade-offs, a perceived increasing gap in spending per head between a privately educated and state educated…

Executing a non-linear people strategy


We work with boards and investors to introduce the concepts of non-linear systems and non-linear people, and the relevance to their organisation — leading to why a Non-Linear People Strategy is critical.


Help clients identify existing non-linear competency across all people groups through non-linear people audits, to define people strategies and priorities.

  • Where do you need to identify and attract non-linear competency immediately?
  • Where do you have more time and can develop your existing people?


We then identify, attract and recruit Non-Linear People in critical areas across the relevant groups.

  • We apply our unique brand and executive search expertise to…

What our clients and our network say about us…

“Change and innovation have never more in fashion than today. It is simply the silver bullet for success in any organization. Radical innovation in particular is in demand as this is really hard to do, but at the same time what creates real value and takes the organization to the next level. This is where Six Degree People come into the picture.

They know that it is people who create change and innovation, and they know the right people and the right role they might play as an employee, advisor or even a fan to make the greatest impact.. This…

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