BeautyBloc, Korea’s first blockchain-supported Medical Aesthetics project officially launched, causing widespread concern in the global medical industry

According to South Korean media reports, on February 5, BeautyBloc, Korea’s first blockchain-supported Medical Aesthetics project was officially released.

The South Korean leader of the Global Plastics Foundation,Mr Liu Zhongjian announced that BeautyBloc has officially started to land at the blockchain exchange conference at Banpo One, Seocho-gu, Seoul. Dubai Prince Sheihk Sultan Al Howlmel attended the BeautyBloc launch ceremony.

According to reports, BeautyBloc is the world’s first blockchain-supported Medical Aesthetics platform and has received the attention and favor of the global blockchain mainstream funds. Nearly 20 world top blockchain funds have participated in the early investment of the project.

South Korea is the country with the highest penetration rate of medical medicine in the world, and the Medical Aesthetics industry has become an important pillar of national economic development. After years of development, Medical Aesthetics is not only a nationwide national beauty-loving sport. Its industry penetration rate is the highest in the world, and its supervision is relatively complete. At the same time, it has become a national business card and has become a new pillar industry in Korea, and has driven the development of medical tourism.

BeautyBloc’s core operations team has been deeply pampered in the Medical Aesthetics industry for many years. It has extensive industry resources and experience, strategic partners covering many countries around the world, and attracting excellent blockchain and artificial intelligence talents. At present, it has signed strategic cooperation with several well-known plastic surgeon organizations to cover hundreds of high-quality plastic surgeons and plastic hospitals in South Korea.

BeautyBloc is the world’s first blockchain-supported Medical Aesthetics platform. The kernel model includes: Doctor Beauty Group, Super Doctor University, Smart Plastic Hospital, and Traceability System for Pharmaceutical Devices. BeautyBloc is the first to use blockchain technology to reconstruct the world’s trillion-dollar medical beauty market each year.

BeautyBloc addresses the multiple dilemmas currently faced by the medical beauty industry through blockchain technology (electronic files, trusted evaluation, digital assets, encryption algorithms, peer-to-peer transmissions, smart contracts, human finger veins, etc.)Such as opaque information on institutions and doctors, illegal medical practice, varies product quality, informal supplies, fake product, opaque service prices, limited marketing channels, the higher and higher cost of getting customers,insufficient supervision, difficult consumer rights protection and so on.

BeautyBloc provide a free platform for plastic surgeons, medical consumers, medical device manufacturers, research institutions and other entities and individuals. The revolutionary business model and underlying technology can enable all aspects of the medical cosmetology industry to exchange data, develop collaboratively, solve the current plight of the Medical Aesthetics industry and promote the healthy and orderly development of the medical beauty industry.

According to the latest news, BeautyBloc is currently signing a strategic cooperation contract with the hospital, including the most renowned orthopedic institutions in Korea, the former Chen Shaping Hospital, ID Plastic Surgery Hospital, etc. The number of cooperative hospitals will continue to increase. It is expected that in the first half of 2018, the signing cooperation of medical institutions exceeded 100 companies basically fulfilled the full coverage of top medical and medical institutions in Korea, Japan and China.

All alliance hospital related medical data and user data will be deposited on BeautyBloc, and accept users to use BeautyBloc’s token BEAUTY to pay.

signing ceremony

On February 5th, BeautyBloc was invited by HALAL CHAIN, Coinnest, Korea Blockchain Association of China to participate in the blockchain exchange conference in Banpo One, Seocho-gu, Seoul. The head of the Global Plastics Foundation Korea Region, Mr. Liu Zhongjian, officially released BeautyBloc at the conference. The Dubai Prince Sheihk Sultan Al Howlmel attended the BeautyBloc launch ceremony.

BeautyBloc Release ceremony

Liu Zhongjian shared BeautyBloc’s blockchain-based solution to the pain points of the medical beauty industry and announced the list of Korean plastic surgery hospitals that have signed strategic cooperation. This indicates that the world’s first medical beauty industry block The chain project officially started landing.

Media reports

Dozens of media outlets including Korea News Walker, China Daily, The Future Korea, and MONEY TODAY the leader reported on the launch of BeautyBloc.

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