Journal #3

One thing in my life that I have received that meant something to me was my dirt bike. This is something that is special to me because I had wanted a new dirt bike for the longest time because mine was not fast enough for my riding capability. I had been asking my parents for a new one ever since i had blown up the motor on my yz125 that I had ridden. Once it happens a second time my parents knew that it was time to finally upgrade and get me something better. One day one of my moms clients had just bought a Yamaha yz450f and he had been fixing it up. When he heard that it was time to get me a new bike from my mom, he offered the bike he had just bought because he knew it was a really clean bike and that it would last me a really long time. So we ended up buying it and it has taken me many miles after the day we bought it. That bike had taken me to the track for the first time with one of my old friends that I met through my sister. Also I have but money into the bike to make it one of a kind. Also that bike has taken me to Ocotillo Wells for 3 years now and is still running strong and keeping me the speed I want to go. Some experiences I have with this bike would be the time that I finally passed my friend on the track. He was talking a lot of crap that he was faster than me and I caught him slipping one time and took my opportunity and passed him. In addition to this memory I have many memories at the desert riding this bike and one more recently was at Glamis. This bike was the first dirt bike that I have ridden there and also was the first bike I rode up Oldsmobile.