Brahma OS October Monthly Report

Hello everyone, thank you for your continued concern and support. In the past month, Brahma OS’s work has been constantly updated. We will start with some keywords to interpret Brahma OS’s innovation in October.

October keywords

Tree model, stable development, group optimization, welfare

Breakthrough one by one — tree model

KJ, the exclusive researcher of Brahma OS, has made a new breakthrough in the direction of the OS ecological underlying chain, and proposed a new broadcast model “tree model”, mainly to increase the convergence speed of the broadcast. The current tree model theory is being discussed by Japanese and Korean scholars in the form of papers, they are seeking together a breakthrough in technology implementation.

Conclusion: To lay the foundation for the OS ecosystem, we will do our best.

Working hard — steady development

Brahma OS

  • Completed the page layout of Brahma ToolBox.
  • Analyzed the Gmscore permission application abnormal problems.
  • Compiled the DSN Manager service, providing Add File, Get File and List File interfaces to the application layer.
  • Implemented functions like IPFS document manager, generating QR code, scanning code, etc.
  • Added APIs to WalletManager, including:
  1. Create, delete, import, update ETH wallet.
  2. Receive ETH wallet information, wallet list, balance from wallet address.
  3. Decrypt mnemonic or private key.

Brahma Wallet

  • Added Bitcoin address to the contact page.
  • Optimized the setting page.
  • Created an account with the wallet for the first time, supporting creating ETH account and BTC account at the same time.
  • Restored the account for the first time, supporting using mnemonics to restore the ETH account and BTC account.

Constant activity — send benefits

The day before the National Day, we announced the inauguration of our new CEO Fernando Cornello, it caused a wonderful commotion…

BRM’s first creative work collection.

From October 1st to October 7th, Brahma OS has held BRM’s first creative work collection“Happy National Day, Play by Me” in the domestic community, and witnessed the peculiar minds of B fans. At present, the winners have been awarded. BRM popularity award is a hand-held vacuum cleaner, BRM creativity award is 300 RMB card, BRM sharing award is 100 RMB card, and 888 BRM was awarded to every participant. Winners please pay attention and check it out!

BRM airdrop activity.For more detailed information, please check:

Partition of 10000000 BRM

From October 13th on, Brahma OS launched the “New CEO gives away 10 million BRM” activity on the official Weibo, WeChat and Twitter. Share the welfare article and send the screenshot to Brahma OS ,then you can take part in this partition. The one who got the most likes was awarded an extra 5000 BRM. What’s more exciting, if you join the event on Weibo,Wechat and twitter simultaneously, the award will be treble.

Halloween carnival — gift delivery

On October 30th, the Brahma OS Halloween event was released. The prizes were Tencent video VIP, 1888 BRM, and cash red envelopes. Use your fingers to draw the corresponding shapes, then you can get some points. This event appeared to be easy and fun, and attracted many participants. The event ended on November 1st. The winners have now been collected, and the winners who have not verified the prizes in time were considered to be ineffective. Please be noticed. The ones who have verified the prizes will be awarded today and tomorrow, please pay attention and check!

Community operations — group optimization

In October, we developed the Brahma OS community backstage management, and made improvements to community spam messages and intelligent responses. In addition to purifying the group environment, we will continue to provide more useful and interesting cryptocurrencies and blockchain information to BRM fans.

Update constantly, self-define frequently

After a month of adjustment and testing, our new official website was finally launched before the National Day! In October, the new white paper V2.0, optimized team structure, privacy protocols and technology route map has been seen by everyone. Besides, Brahma images, Brahma files and Brahma wallet are much clearer now.

Official Website: