Letter to Mother

This letter is dedicated to one of the strongest women I have ever known in my entire existence, if not the strongest; my mother.

Mother, tomorrow is your birthday and as I age further, navigating my way through with my own life, I forgot the fact that as I age older, you age even more older. Time that I have left to be spent with you will continue on to grow less and less as time goes by. But as seasons change, as the clock rotates, my heart grows fonder and my love for you will only bloom.

Mother, life has not always been kind to you. Yet, you managed to overcome every turmoil thrown at you, growing to be an evenmore stronger woman than you were before — albeit with scars; scars that act as a significant reminder for both you and I that despite being at the brink of giving up, you never succumb to defeat, instead you fought and showed how much strength you have despite your small stature.

Mother, I may not express my love for you as much as I want to due to my nature but you never complain. Instead, you let me work at my pace, provide me comfort and allow me to express myself in ways I know best. Despite my setbacks and shortcomings, your love for me knows no bounds and for that alone, I can never thank you enough.

Life knocks you down countless of times. Yet, the smile on your face never falter whenever you are around your children. It’s always genuine, no matter the circumstances.

Giving birth to us were no easy task. Raising all four of your children, nurturing us, teaching us the ropes, being there for us during our first laughter to our first heartbreaks.

Once I asked, “Do you ever regret not pursuing your studies further and being married so early?”

And forever, your response will engrave itself into my brain, heart and soul —

“Nothing gives me more satisfaction and happiness than seeing my children grow and nurture with my own two hands.”

You are so strong. So strong. And kind, too kind for this cruel world.

You taught and continue on to teach us life lessons that no school can provide. You care for us, you sacrificed so much for us. You shower us with unconditional love.

The support you have given me, the amount of blood, sweat and tears you shed for me, just to put me where I am now.

The times where giving up is the only choice I come to face with, I remember how you keep telling me that I am bigger than my failures and that I can succeed.

Mother, as I’m writing this, I may not be the daughter that is competent nor befitting for you to lean on yet. I may not yet be able to provide you with the endless support that I wholeheartedly have always wanted to give you.

But as I sit here, I promise you that I will grow and learn so I can be a person, an individual that you can lean all your weight and burden on so you can soar and fly effortlessly without anything weighing you down while I watch from below, with a content smile on my face. I will be your endless support and until the day comes where my last breath leave me, I will love you until the world crumbles, until the stars explode. With my whole being, every fibre, I will love you unconditionally.

To my mom, that shines the brightest than any stars out there.

To my mom, that acts as my anchor whenever I’m lost.

To my mom, my first love.

To my mom, my beautiful, radiant, wonderful, kind and only mom.

I thank you, for every little thing you gave and will continue on giving me. Words may fail me and this letter may not be able to express what I intended, but know that you are most loved.


Your daughter.

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