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The world has entered an unprecedented moment in history, and organizations around the globe have had to adjust quickly to a new way of working. For some leaders, remote work was something they were forced to do, not something they embraced. In “CEOs and Leaders: Here’s how to prepare for an extended period of remote work,” David Hassell, 15Five co-founder and CEO, provides a thorough guide for leaders looking to adapt to this new work environment.

David shares his knowledge from more than eight years of running 15Five as a “remote-first” company. He details how leaders must think and act…

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Did you know employees are three times more likely to be engaged at work if they have managers who hold regular meetings with them? While many managers do hold 1-on-1 meetings with their direct reports, it’s far too common that they are rushed, tactical, and transactional. When organizations are able to conduct transformational 1-on-1s, performance, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement are significantly boosted.

The purpose of transformational 1-on-1 meetings is to help someone be and become their best self through positive and meaningful conversations. …

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Of all the worries, negative thoughts, and stress you experienced yesterday, how much of that carried over into today?

If you don’t like your answer, don’t worry- this is common. In fact, we all form the same subconscious thought patterns, day after day, training our brains without even realizing it. This can form what we call a “ neurological rut,” and creates a negative bias within our default mindset.

When you allow your thinking to be rooted in negativity, it’s harder to learn, grow, and develop, because you become consumed with what’s wrong, constantly battling the threats around you.


When one area of an employee’s life feels neglected, it has a tendency to become the only thing that person can focus on. Because of this, there has been a push for organizations to make sure employees are fully taken care of in their personal lives as well as their professional lives. Of course, there are appropriate and reasonable boundaries, but there are many ways your company can ensure each employee is bringing their whole self to work.

Lean into these core areas at your organization to be sure you are caring for the whole employee, and helping your employees…

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Until the 1980’s, the consensus in psychology was that mental development slowed significantly when you physically stopped growing. This myth has led to many organizational leaders believing that their employees are only as good as their current abilities, not realizing the value of their potential.

Thankfully, we now know that each person is capable of flourishing far beyond our late teens/early twenties (phew). However, so many organizations are still operating out of the remnants of that world view.

For example, we’ve all heard the vapid expression, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. While this phrase is most commonly…

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Even if you’re not an Elton John fan, no doubt you’ve heard many of his songs. In fact, I dare you to listen to the song “Bennie and the Jets” and not sing every word to the chorus. An impossible task, indeed. But did you know that Elton John doesn’t write those famous lyrics (and that Daniel isn’t Elton’s brother?).

For more than half a century, the legendary singer has relied on poet and lyricist, Bernie Taupin to write his words. After Taupin finishes with a piece, Elton John puts those words to music. …

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In life and in business, motivation bleeds into everything we do and it helps us choose where to focus in our busy lives. We have certain motivations for why we’re in relationships, listen to certain podcasts, choose which books to read, and even navigate how we work. Where we derive our motivation is connected to how we expend our energy both short-term and long.

Intrinsic motivation is the sustainable way to drive employee performance, and is a core theme in our Best-Self Management methodology. It’s all about incentive and deriving pleasure from the activity itself (e.g., …

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Believe it or not, professional experiences hold a powerful weight with the impact they have on our lives. If people aren’t engaged in their roles, have an opportunity to collaborate with others, or don’t feel excited to come to work, this can diminish the potential for an overall positive experience. When employees are spending 40+ hours a week in a place they feel trapped, they aren’t showing up each day as the best version of themselves (and before long, they may not show up at all).

As the VP of People Ops at 15Five, my experience both past and present…

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How often does the fear of failure prevent you from taking a leap of faith? Maybe you have a great idea that you’d like to experiment with at work, but you don’t feel fully supported by your team. Or maybe you haven’t yet found the courage to present your big idea to your boss because you feel they will most likely reject it.

These roadblocks that keep you from taking calculated risks all add up to one thing: a lack of psychological safety in the workplace. Psychological safety is defined as “being able to show and employ one’s self without…

Want to increase employee engagement? It’s time to look at the career conversations you’re having with your employees. Traditionally, career discussions have been tagged onto the annual performance review process, meaning they occur far too infrequently and with an already painful process.

As more companies realize continuous growth and development conversations are a priority for employees, they are shifting the way they handle reviews altogether. But are annual career conversations moving to a more frequent cadence too? They should be.

Given the speed of business today, a yearly career discussion can become outdated quickly. Based on organizational needs, employee performance…

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