Punch Drunk Brunch — Five Years Strong!

15 Romolo
15 Romolo
Jun 1, 2016 · 2 min read

Five years ago, 15 Romolo leapt into the sunshine opening the doors to our North Beach neighbors for a boozy brunch. Punch Drunk Brunch brought us new inspiration and excitement, igniting the neighborhood legacy of The Basque Hotel at 15 Romolo.

That inspiration carries on with each generation of Romolo team members adding their own signature to the program. Chef Michelle Matthews brings her strong technical skills to the robust menu with items like the Spring Vegetable Fricassee with wild mushrooms and quinoa, as well as the new Brunch Board. Who says you can’t have charcuterie for breakfast?

We are excited to the new addition to the menu the Brunch Board, featuring serrano ham, linguiça sausage, hard boiled egg, farmer’s cheese, rosemary honey, and seasonal fruits.

Our brunch bar team invented a host of new drinks for our 5 years celebration. Enjoy the savory brunch cocktail refined in El Mariachi. If coffee and booze alone aren’t doing the trick, try them both in Sister Christian — An elegant exploration of unique flavor combinations.

El Mariachi — mezcal, celery juice, blanc vermouth, lime, ginger, espelette tincture. Sister Christian — bourbon, hot coffee, ancho chile, cardamom, honey, mandarin cream.
Savory Bread Pudding

Whether hosting out-of-town guests, catching up with the BFF, or trying to collect yourself after a rockin’ night, kick off your weekend Romolo-style with great friends, a killer jukebox and a round of our world-famous waffle shots.

Remember: “With no drink in hand brunch is just breakfast
15 Romolo Crew

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15 Romolo

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15 Romolo

Slingin' Quality Drinks and Tasty Food for 20Years! #Romolo20Years

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