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15 Romolo
Mar 21, 2016 · 3 min read

We’re now featuring a bounty of freshly harvested cocktails. Get your shrub on with the Gardener’s Flask, featuring pot still gin, blanc vermouth and celery bitters. Feeling strong? Man of the Year stirs up a variation on an El Presidente cocktail, with a blend of dark rums, dry curaçao and house grenadine. Or choose to walk the line with Lady Danger and her California citrus gin, quinquina and strawberry tincture.

Seared Monterey Cod

Our Spring dinner menu gets colorful with Cauliflower three ways, while our Duroc pork belly is plated with roasted heirloom carrots and an apple veloute. But don’t pass over the Mediterranean influences highlighted in the Seared Monterey Cod with Spanish chorizo, confit black garlic and creamy coco beans.

House Vermouth

Historically, many sherry bodegas have produced aromatized wines and quinquinas, though very few continue to do so commercially and none are imported to the US. So we decided to take the tradition into our own hands. Over the last few years we have been developing our own house vermouth recipes. Our Fino-Bianco Vermouth was inspired by our desire to craft a simple, balanced martini recipe incorporating the savory flavors of Fino Sherry.

1- Wormwood (artemisia absithium), 2- Rooibos, 3- Damiana, 4- Vanilla Bean, 5- Coriander, 6- Nutmeg, 7- Herbs de Provence (lavendar, savory, marjoram, thyme, oregano, rosemary), 8- Cinnamon, 9- Fresh Orange Peel, 10- Angelica, 11- Elecampane, 12- Dried Orange Peel, 13- Spanish Brandy, 14- Pear Eau de Vie, 15- Armagnac

After the success of our Fino Vermouth, we went on to develop our House ‘Roso Vermouth, a play on word Oloroso, to be served as a Spanish-style aperitif cocktail with a touch of amaro and an olive-bittersweet, savory, and refreshing!

While both vermouth recipes were developed with specific applications in mind, we have since found they bring tremendous complexity to variations on classic cocktails as well as creative 15 Romolo originals.

Vermut Cocktail

Spanish bars have a tradition of blending a house vermouth made with local wines served simply with a slice of orange and an olive, often with a healthy dash of Campari and splash of seltzer. Last year during our trip to Spain for Copa Jerez, 15 Romolo experienced firsthand the vermouth renaissance happening all over Spain.

Inspired, 15 Romolo’s version pairs our ‘Roso vermouth with a touch of bitter Calisaya and a splash of our local seltzer. Salut!

Easter Brunch

This summer Punch Drunk Brunch is turning 5 years old. We are kicking off our celebration on Easter Sunday with a special food menu and our traditional punch stravaganza.

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