Saving Little Suzy — A Fairy Tale

Long John and Short John are brothers. They are very different. Long John is always talking. Short John says only a little bit.

One morning they wake up to find their little sister, Suzy, missing.

Long John gasps. “It must have been that evil witch, Jinx. She’s been watching Suzy for weeks and is probably hoping to sacrifice Suzy to make dangerous and evil monsters! We need to do something. But what?”

“Let’s go find her,” Short John says.

So they run out of the house and into the woods.

There they find the local Wolf stalking a rabbit.

“Wolf! We have need of you,” Short John calls out.

The rabbit gets away, and the Wolf is irritated. “What do you want, human?”

“Our little sister Suzy is gone! We believe she was taken by the witch who has been watching Suzy for awhile and wants to sacrifice her to make more of her monsters. Have you seen her?” Long John asked.

“Who?” The Wolf asked, confused.

“Have you seen Little Suzy?” Short John asked.

“Oh. No, I haven’t seen her. You should ask the Raven from the Treetops. He might have seen her.” The Wolf said before snarling, “Now leave me to my hunt! Wolf’s got to eat, and you scared away my breakfast!”

The wolf ran off, and the two brothers continued on their way, searching the Treetops for the Raven.

“There,” Short John pointed to a Treetop. The Raven perched on top of it.

“Raven! We are searching for our little sister Suzy. She was captured by the evil witch who has been watching her a long time now. We believe Suzy has been taken as a sacrifice to create her monsters. Have you seen them go by?” Long John asked.

The Raven cocked its head at the brothers. “I saw them go by early this morning. They were headed to the mountain. Go ask the Blacksmith at the bottom of the mountain. Perhaps he knows more.”

The Raven flew away, and the brothers continued to the mountain.

They found a small cottage with a small hut beside it. In the hut, the Blacksmith hammered glowing red metal into the shape of a sword.

“Blacksmith, we have something to ask of you!” Long John called. “You see, our little sister Suzy has been captured by the evil witch, Jinx, who has been watching her for some time now. Jinx wants to sacrifice her to make monsters!”

“What do you want?” The Blacksmith asked angrily. “I’m busy!”

“Have you seen our little sister Suzy go by?” Short John asked.

“A small girl was taken by a witch up the mountain. The White Wizard lives in a cave half way up. Perhaps he can tell you more.” The Blacksmith replied, before he continued hammering at his metal.

The brothers left the shop and climbed up the mountain.

Soon they found the cave where the White Wizard lived.

The brothers walked inside and found an elderly looking man with a long beard. “Who goes there?!” The White Wizard raised his staff, light glowing from the top.

“We are two brothers. We have come searching for our little sister Suzy. We believe an evil witch, Jinx, who has been watching Little Suzy for awhile has taken her and wants to sacrifice her to make monsters.” Long John said.

“Hm…That is grave, indeed.” The White Wizard nodded. “You must hurry. I saw Jinx taking a young girl up to the volcano. Go quickly!”

The two brothers ran as fast as they could up to the top of the mountain where the volcano was. The air grew hot, and the brother became scared.

“There’s Suzy!” Short John pointed.

Jinx had Little Suzy hanging over the pit of glowing orange magma.

“Short John, what do we do? We promised our parents we would take care of Little Suzy. This is quite terrible. That evil witch, Jinx, has gone too far this time, and we must do something!”

“Long John, you go get Little Suzy down. I will destroy Jinx!” Short John said.

Short John ran to Jinx. Before the witch knew what was happening, Short John pushed her over the edge and into the bubbling magma.

“Nooooo!!!” Jinx screamed as she fell.

Meanwhile, Long John was carefully bringing Little Suzy down.

Happy, Little Suzy gave her brothers hugs and a big smile. “Thank you, Long John, Short John! You guys saved me!”

Long John, Short John, and Little Suzy all returned home and lived Happily Ever After.

There is a time to be long and a time to be short. You just need the wisdom to know which one’s best.

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