The last post left you with an Unreal plugin that included parts of the AWS sdk, but there is still more work to be done if you want to expose the sdk to blueprints. Exposing this functionality to blueprints can make the sdks available for a wider range of developers and projects. To understand some of the implementation details, it is helpful to be somewhat familiar with exposing C++ to blueprints. For this blog post, I will be exposing one of the oldest features from AWS to blueprint, downloading a file from S3.

NOTE: The completed project can be found…


AWS has fundamentally changed the way that software is developed. It provides instant access to an incredible amount of computing services each with almost infinite scale, but this post is not about how amazing AWS is on its own. This post is about how pairing AWS with another great piece of software can expand the range of applications developers can make.

The Unreal Engine is an incredible tool that can be used to make things from huge AAA games (Fortnite) to architectural visualization to VR experiences. …

Daniel Sanchez

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