Write Your Goals on Your Bathroom Mirror


Write your goals on your bathroom mirror.

Write Your Goals on Your Bathroom Mirror

Most of the great leaders in sales motivation and self-development training understand the power of the subconscious mind. Write your goals on your bathroom mirror. It’s a habit for me.

Goals are very important to your success in business and in life. Most of the very successful people follow the practice of physically writing down their goals on paper or in the Journal, but especially in a visible place where they can see them every day. Your bathroom mirror is a place your should visit at least two to three times a day and your goals are right there in front of you morning and night. You can read your goals and review your goals while you are brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening. You can review your goals while you get ready for work and when you are getting ready for bed. It’s the perfect place to be literally in your face everyday.

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The collective sales training in goal oriented world have determined that the most obvious in prominent place that you will see your goals every day is on your bathroom mirror.

Some people just take a sharpie in write directly on the glass. Others like to print them out on paper and then take them to their bathroom mirror. I have actually done it both ways and I prefer to just take a sharpie and write directly on the glass mirror. It’s a little easier to see through the writing if you use the mirror to look around the room or have conversations with others. I you use paper it does block that area the mirror. Either way, just get your goals onto your mirror anyway you’d prefer.

Havard and Yale Goals Studies shows that writing down your goals allow you to be more successful and to achieve your goals quicker. If you write your goals on your bathroom mirror they are in the forefront of your mind not in the back of your mind.

Havard and Yale Goals Studies

Every individual needs goals in their life and in their business or financial life. I have written goals on my bathroom mirror and had the excitement and privilege of marking them off when they come to realization. This is a very fulfilling act of accomplishment when you can actually cross the goal off your list.

My family goals involved recreation and vacation goals such as trips or RVs or motorcycles or quads. I have had the pleasure and the excitement of marking off several of those goals in the last few years.

My business goals involve my writing of books, video series taping, and speech writing, film and TV script writing, and entire seminar weekend series writing. I had the excitement of marking off my goal list several of the items above, however I need to keep others on my goals list to remind me daily of my goals.

Everyone should have goals in their personal life regarding health and accomplishments and even purchases. Everyone should have goals in their business or financial life of the next step or the next chapter in those areas for you personally. If you merely speak of your desires and goals they are not in your face every day and it’s easy to be distracted with daily life to let time pass.

Goals need to be looked at and visited daily if you truly want to get further along in your family, friendships, business, and finance plans.

From a personal perspective, the easiest way for me to be alert and aware of my goals during my busy family and business life is to do what I’m recommending to you wholeheartedly. We need to write your goals on your bathroom mirror.