Commercial Pallet

Commercial Pallet, Inc. is a pallet re-builder and distribution center in Chicago. It has lacked a logo containing anything other than text for the entirety of its existence, so I decided to create a logo for this business.

The following describes the process I used to create this logo.


I began by first sketching different designs which I thought could work as a logo for the company. Many of my designs involved ‘CP’ or ‘Commercial Pallet’ worked into a pallet shape.

Upon completion, I scanned these images and placed them on an artboard in Adobe Illustrator.


I decided that the sketch in the bottom right would work best for Commercial Pallet, so I began to draft multiple iterations of it in Illustrator.

After tinkering with the amount and placement of cross rectangles, I finally came up with this design, which I deemed worthy to represent Commercial Pallet.