Even Ansel Adams Had a Blind Spot
Andy Romanoff

I was told my photography was too nostalgic.

That is code for “you are not going to be taken seriously in the art world.”

I was told this by my very well meaning photography professor in my senior year of college. I knew then what he meant, and I know now what he meant. And I still don’t care.

Julia Cameron’s work fascinates even more now that I am a pro photographer than it did in college too. She and Sally Mann continue to be major influences on my work.

Andy Romanoff — it’s great to be reminded that just because one art critic or even an entire movement writes off your work, that only time will tell. What’s old is new again — just look at the current “hipster” movement and it’s Steam Punk origins. A harkening to the past cannot always be dismissed as “nostalgic.” Stick to your guns, defend and continue to do what you love.

Thanks for the article Andy and for shaking my brain up a bit this morning.