Finally, Scheduled Posts for Instagram via Hootsuite With a Fairly Major Catch.

Let’s go back to 1995 when Alanis Morissette sung the lyric “it’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.” That’s essentially what brand managers around the world are saying in response to Hootsuite’s announcement that their platform now allows you to schedule and post from the Hootsuite dashboard.

It kinda does, but it kinda doesn’t. You can now post photos instantly, comment, and schedule posts to happen in the future but alas, Hootsuite can’t post for you.

“Users can schedule content to Instagram from Hootsuite, however scheduling does not mean Hootsuite published the content to that respective Instagram account,” a Hootsuite spokesperson told tech news website TNW. “The user will receive a push notification from Hootsuite at the time they scheduled the image for and then from the Hootsuite notification they are directed into the Instagram app (the image will carry over too) and then they can publish/post the image themselves.”

This news basically means that there is nothing hugely innovative or exclusive that Hootsuite is bringing to the table with this update. There are a multitude of apps that allow you to schedule posts and alert you to manually post them at your desired time. Some of the best ones are Latergramme and ScheduGram and they have been in market for a while.

The upside is that Hootsuite is a fantastic platform that offers Brand Managers and Social Media professionals access to a simple dashboard where all your accounts are right in front of you. Now you can at least type your posts out on a human keyboard, not by mashing the miniature keys on your smartphone at your desk.

One day we’ll tell our kids how we used to have to manually post to Instagram and they’ll laugh. Then they’ll find our Alanis Morissette CD and they’ll laugh some more.

About the Author:

James Towers is a Founding Partner of 16K Agency, a Stockholm based media agency focusing on introducing a smartphone-based Augmented Reality platform for the media and retail industries in the Nordic region.